Monday, April 02, 2007


NORC Planning and Architectural Support Service
Phase I: Listening to Co-op Village
This piece of paper is part of the exhibition you just walked through. When we (INTERBORO) were asked to exhibit some of our recent architecture and planning work, we knew very little about Co-op Village, or about NORCs. Spending time here, however, has made us very curious about both. We especially love the idea that retirement communities can grow organically, and agree that it doesn’t always make sense for older adults to abandon the Big Apple for some “purpose built” facility in the suburbs.
But we would like to better understand some of the challenges and opportunities presented by growing older in a NORC. Can you take a few minutes to fill out the following form?

Are there any thoughts you have on NORCs that you’d like to share?

Would you be interested in discussing NORCs with the PASS
(Planning and Architectural Support Service)?


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